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Hotel Winneshiek

Project Year



Decorah, Iowa


Bolzworks, Inc. / Neumann Brothers, Inc.


Renaissance Design Group


Doug Knutson


  • 2000 National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association Honor Award


Renovation of the 1905 luxury Decorah hotel which had lodged many celebrities over the years (including Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway) was returned to its former splendor and original beauty when its doors reopened in April 2000.The original Terrazzo floor consisted of two border designs, and one field blend of tinted cement and marble aggregate, several of the aggregates within the blends were extremely difficult to match with currently available aggregates. Luckily, however, slab marble matching the aggregate needed, and removed from the hotel in the past was located in the crawl spaces beneath the hotel. The slab marble was crushed by hand and screened to provide matching aggregate to patch the over 100 silver dollar size holes, and myriad miscellaneous larger damaged areas. The repaired Terrazzo floor was entirely reground, polished and sealed. The results were most dramatic, the owner and all those involved with the project were extremely pleased with the results of this Terrazzo restoration.   The floor now restored will provide the Winneshiek Hotel another 95 years or more of durable and attractive service. 

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